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Speaking & Podcasts

Someone once told me, “For an introvert, you sure do like to talk a lot.” They were right!

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The Good Mood Show with Matt O'Neill
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I count it a great privilege and love to have had the opportunity to be a speaker for hundreds of conferences, camps, fundraisers, and churches. I’d estimate the audience collectively to be over 300,000 people which is a lot for a beach bum surfer like me. I usually speak with stories about faith and normal broken people (like me and you) who have accomplished amazing things! I’ve been told I can make people laugh and be moved to tears in a span of just a few minutes. I guess that is better than scaring them or having them boo me!



I’ve also enjoyed being a guest on podcasts and have written for a number of different publications. Could there be my very own podcast  and a book in production? I know, who needs another podcast or book? Remember, I like to use words so… Yes! I’d love to help you with your next event or podcast. Let’s chat, have fun, and change lives.

What Clients are saying:


“I’ve heard hundreds of speakers in my line of work and Jimmy is hands done one of my favorites. His ability to capture the audience is beautiful.” - Drew, Professional Musician 


“What a great choice for us to have Jimmy speak at our event! He had the room eating out the palm of his hand. He is clearly a gifted speaker. The event was fantastic.” - Ed, Board Chairman of NonProfit 

Let's Work Together

Jimmy is looking for his next partner to “Slay the Giants” with.

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