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Coaching & Consulting

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1:1 Coaching

Pastoral coaching that can focus on relationships or any number of situations where some professional coaching would make a huge impact. What is Pastoral Coaching? Well, you probably know what life coaching is and you might have an understanding of what a pastor is. If a life coach and a pastor had a baby, I am that baby! Think of me as a pastor without a particular church who also has training in many disciplines and strategies of life coaching. Let’s connect to talk about how I can help you personally  “Slay the Giants” you are facing!


I can be your pastoral coach by the hour on a number of topics. We can do this in person, or video conferencing. 


 Also, ask me about the Five Stones Program where I coach you how to take focussed action to find success through five areas of life where all our “giants” come from: 

Relational, Financial, Physical, Vocational, and Spiritual. 

What Clients are saying: 


“Jimmy systematically walked me through getting my life back together when I thought I was done.” - Matt, 54 year old male


“I was able to share things with Jimmy that I’ve never told anyone. I felt safe and he helped me navigate some painful things I’ve dealt with for years.” - Jon, 28 year old male

Organizational Coaching


This is similar to coaching but usually encompasses entire

organizations as well as its leaders. Although I’ve owned and led

successful for-profit businesses, I specialize in the non-profit space.

Within this non-profit consulting, I usually focus on three extremely important areas that are the ultimate pathway to success for any organization. They are Strategic Planning, Resource Development, and Integrated Marketing. Let’s connect to talk about how I can help your organization “Slay the Giants” you are facing!

What Clients are saying:


“Jimmy helped us raise more money than we thought possible for a project that will change the trajectory of our organization.”  - Sue, Executive Director of Non-Profit 


“The vision to help us create a new initiative for our school and then the strategic planning to make it happen was nothing short of a miracle. What we accomplished together was amazing!” - Brian, Headmaster of a K-12 School 

“I went on a mission trip Jimmy put together and led. It was excellent from start to finish and it was life changing for me and my family.”  Paul, M.D.

Let’s Work Together

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